A Joyous Achievement

A Joyous Achievement by Christopher M Rolfe

I have a plan. I want to write short stories regularly, instead of constantly working on the “Great Novel” that other writers are always trying to write. Here is the first short story, on Amazon as an ebook for $2.99. Feedback is most definitely appreciated.

A Joyous Achievement
by Christopher M Rolfe

A short story about an author’s life long struggle with greatness and mediocrity. William’s journey from aspiring young boy to world renown author is not without it’s consequences and love and friendship is found, lost and searched for throughout.


They’re playing our song

“if this doesn’t make you smile, i don’t know what does.”

2013-07 (Jul) Mix

So much good music to put on this month’s playlist, some will have to wait for later mixes. It’s been an incredible July, and I hoped this list could capture everything, but I don’t know if it did. Nonetheless, some fantastic music for the month.

1. Cigarettes – Russian Red[amazon] [itunes]
2. Dolly Parton – Jolene[amazon] [itunes]
3. CHVRCHES – Gun[itunes]
4. Lanie Lane – Oh Well, That’s What You Get[amazon] [itunes]
5. Crisis of Conformity – Fist Fight[amazon] [itunes]
6. Defiance, Ohio – Oh Susquehanna[amazon] [itunes]
7. Andrew Jackson Jihad – Survival Song[amazon] [itunes]
8. Against Me! – We Laugh At Danger (And Break All The Rules)[amazon] [itunes]
9. Isbells – Maybe[amazon] [itunes]
10. Sea Wolf – Black Leaf Falls[amazon] [itunes]
11. Sóley – Pretty Face[amazon] [itunes]
12. Tired Pony – Dead American Writers[amazon] [itunes]
13. Czeslaw Spiewa – Czeslaw Spiewa [amazon] [itunes]

Motion without words, explains everything.

I picked up ballet only a year and a half ago. I often wish I had more time to devote to study. But it’s performances like this that force a deeper wish to turn the clock back and start young. Miss Alexzander moves with weightless grace, and without a single ballet class I wouldn’t recognize the skill, work, dedication and talent necessary to make it all appear so effortless.

I found this in a search for practice videos. If I’m ever asked why I moved from martial arts to ballet, I’m tempted to explain with a two minute and forty-nine second video.

2013-06 (Jun) Mix

This month has a few new releases, some new bands and a timely metal cover of “Rains of Castamere” for all the Game of Thrones watchers. There’s a lot of indie pop on here (Knives, Alpines, Mowgli’s), and a new release by Orbital, a band I haven’t thought much about since the late 90′s. Nothing too personal, and some of the more downtempo and melodramatic songs fit a cold, dreary June that feels more like April.

1. Nine Inch Nails – Came Back Haunted[amazon] [itunes]
2. Queens of the Stone Age – My God Is The Sun[amazon] [itunes]
3. The Rains of Castamere (Metal Version) 
4. The Knife – A Tooth For An Eye[amazon] [itunes]
5. Pritam – Marjaani[amazon] [itunes]
6. Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet[amazon] [itunes]
7. Eisley – Drink the Water[amazon] [itunes]
8. Moby – Be The One[amazon] [itunes]
9. Alpine – Hands[amazon] [itunes]
10. Thieves Like Us – Shyness[amazon] [itunes]
11. Junip – Line Of Fire[amazon] [itunes]
12. The Mowgli’S – San Francisco[amazon] [itunes]
13. Skinny Lister – Rollin’ Over[amazon] [itunes]
14. Orbital – Wonky[amazon] [itunes]
15. Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk[amazon] [itunes]



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